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twisted horizon

Jul 20, 2000, 9:29pm
What would you say to a special compiler that uses a simple language to
create complex bot commands? I have some of the source code down, but before
I actually put the whole compiler together, I'd like to know how the people
in Active Worlds feel about it. You can telegram me (Twisted Horizon) or
e-mail me (joshua_trask at with your opinions on the topic.
Twisted Horizon


Jul 23, 2000, 8:38am
can u give us more details?
what languages? C++ , VB?

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twisted horizon

Jul 23, 2000, 10:46am
It isn't C++ or VB, it's like a special programming language to make bots
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john viper

Jul 23, 2000, 4:50pm
so basically it would be like a hambot... except it compiles into an executable? cooool :-)

Who woulda thought that a "AW Bot"-only programming language would be built lol ... I think I will
stick with C++ but I think its a good idea :-)

John Viper <-- Coming Soon!
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twisted horizon

Jul 24, 2000, 10:30am
Well.... er..... yes.....
It doesn't quite compile into an executable as I would have hoped. Right now
it's just a parser, but in later builds
(this is not a might, this is a definite fact) it will turn into a compiler
for executables.
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