Cyberville Chronicals for April 2000 now posted (Community)

Cyberville Chronicals for April 2000 now posted // Community

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Apr 11, 2000, 12:55pm
The Cyberville Chronicals Newletter for Metatropolis and its inner Cities
has been released. The Newsletter covers events and stories that are in or
related to Metatropolis, Cyberville or Shadowrun 3D RPG. It will be a
Monthly Periodical and will be linked to the regular AW Newletter (since
COFmeta is a AWCOM world) and to COFmeta's Ground Zero. So feel free to
check it out there or at this link.

Anyone wanting to know more information about Metatropolis and its netizens
thats not in the newsletter, just give me a buzz at cybernome at
Thanks everyone who helped on gathering info for the newsletter and Lucrezia
for access to Meta's GZ to link it. Lots of upcoming events and parties
planned for the City of Shadows so hope to see ya there.

MPL Cybernome
Mayor of Cyberville Metatropolis (COFmeta 61n 301e)
"Remember your unique, just like everyone else."

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