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Cy2000 Awards! // Community

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alphabit phalpha

Jan 24, 2000, 8:58pm
Hi Everyone!
Judges votes are in and wooooo hoooo!
We are ready to go for the first Cy Awards of the millenium!
You are cordially invited to attend on this Saturday January 29th at 7pm
They will be held in AWCC World in the Cy Theatre located at 30N 30W.
We have a surprise announcement we will share with you that evening
Oh....and we plan on having a surprise Guest Speaker:)
Following the ceremony....please join us behind the theatre in the
reception area for an evening of dining and dancing:)
Please make sure you download the day before:)
Also we have supplied formal attire for you...please check out the "Cy"
named avatars:)
Thank you all for your nominations and participation:)
And thank you AWCom, Inc. for your gracious support of the AW Communty
Cy Awards:)
See ya at the Cys!
The Cy Committee:)

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