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darla stimbert

Jan 23, 2000, 4:35pm
Hey all,
Here's the tutorial links page I promised awhile back. It has links to a
lot of rwx object creation information for the beginner on thru to
advanced. Many step by step tutorials are there. You can find it anytime
by going to the Objects d'AW page and clicking on tutorials from the
drop down menu.

Tutorial Sections so far include:
Renderware object creation
TrueSpace Object creation
Texture Making
World Owner information and tips

http://awcommunity.org/objects/ click on the tutorial link

I have recieved several e-mails and messages from people saying they are
not able to connect to this site. In all cases it seems the the persons
ISP hasn't mapped to it yet. ( However that works) They had to contact
their individual ISP's to get connected.

Hope this helps! Let me know! ;-)

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