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darla stimbert

Jan 22, 2000, 5:02pm
Hey all!!
Just wanted to give some BIG news!!
Credo Interactive is seriously considering adding direct rwx import (
and cob too) to LifeForms Active Avatars version. I've been asked to ask
the community how many citizens would be interested in this capability?

PLEASE!!! If you're at ALL interested and would consider purchasing LF
if it was easier for you to use, IE: able to easily import your rwx or
cob avatar and animate it, write to Gary Shilling
gary at . For myself and I'm certain many other people
in AW this would be a HUGE step forward for us all and our ability to
create our own custom seqs for any rwx avatars. We've needed this
capability for years!

Just think, with all the new avatar makers out there that are using
AccuTrans to put the avatar together, you'd be able to take that avatar
and directly import it into LF and animate it to your hearts content.
I'm extremeley excited about this potential so again, if you're at ALL
interested in this, please write to Gary. Credo needs to know we're
interested and would purchase LF if they added this for us.

Also, if you haven't seen the Active Avatars collection check them out
at It's a great deal for 12 avatars and 11
custom seqs for them. $89 I personally wish they would have a 4 legged
critter in the collection. If I get them I'll put them in a couple of
worlds so people can see them.

For all you people that are AccuTrans fans, he is also currently working
on an export format that LF will import directly. So, if you're at all
considering purchasing the full Active Avatars editors version we'll
hopefully have a way to import anyway until Credo adds this support!!

I wanted to add, for those that don't know me, I'm not affilliated with
Credo at all. I've worked pretty darn hard for all of us to bring about
programs for our needs. That's how AccuTrans came about and in turn
brought rwx import, and easy avatar hiarchy creation capabilites to the
regular citizen. Credo adding the rwx support is a HUGE step toward
finishing this whole process so please again, write to Gary.


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