MPL Cybernome's Birthday Party (Community)

MPL Cybernome's Birthday Party // Community

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Jan 17, 2000, 4:55am
Hello Chummers.
First off I'd like to wish Bitmaster a happy birthday and best wishes for
the yr 2000. Unfortunately but coincidently I also have a birthday party
planned for January 20th in Cyberville, Metatropolis at COFmeta 36n 309e in
Club Nome. I will be hosting Cybernet Matrix Scavenger Hunt and
HearMe-VoiceChat along with a DJ Bot for music and a guestbook link. I dont
want to take away from Good Ol' Bits bday ..but It's my birthday too. So
come one come all....maybe we'll jump back in forth between bdays...make it
a Meta/AW party LOL.....
Festvities will start about 5:00pm VRT and will go untill everyone is
partied out...hehe..

MPL Cybernome
Mayor of Cyberville, Metatropolis
& MetroCorp Core leader
COFmeta 61n 301e
"Fear is the mind killer" Paul Atreties-Dune 1982

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