BitMaster's Birthday:) (Community)

BitMaster's Birthday:) // Community

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alphabit phalpha

Jan 13, 2000, 10:39pm
I'm not sure how many of you know BitMaster:)
But.....January 20th is his Birthday and we have started a card site in AW
at 19968N 9988E....if you wish to leave him a card:)
Just north of that site is also a BitMaster Appreciation Site...where folks
who BitMaster has made objects for or taught how to make things...or just
lent an ear during hard times may leave him a thank you card instead or
Well...if you dont know him....I hope you have the opportunity
this person gives his heart to the AW Community on a daily basis and never
asks for anything in return:)
When we can nail down a time when he will be in AW we will post an invite
for the BIG Party!:)
Thank you:)
AlphaBit Phalpha:)

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