anyone writing an AW-based tale? (Community)

anyone writing an AW-based tale? // Community

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Jan 13, 2000, 11:17am
Howdy all:)
Last year I had a brainstorming session and figured out how the AW
object creation and animation routines might be turned into a "magic
system" for an AW-based fantasy tale. The details and a sample scenario
showing it in use by characters is up for perusal at: -- scroll down to find
the piece called "Working Notes for a Magic System Based on AW's
Animation Commands"

If anyone wants to adopt or adapt this, let me know -- you're welcome to
it:) Due to concerns with plagiarism I'm taking my original writings
offline, so am looking for "homes" for projects I won't get around to

There's the start of an illustrated, more obviously AW parody up at:
If someone wants to try taking this one on, I'll be happy to pass on the
ideas behind it, hehe...



Jan 16, 2000, 12:29am
Just seeing if I've managed to get the reply function to work....


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