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aaron hill

Jan 4, 2000, 1:41pm
AlphaWorld Meeting Area S1 is now open.
(aw 7002.5N 3502.5W 0.0a 225)

This is the first in a series of meeting areas I am building.
Scattered across AlphaWorld, these public facilities give you
nice areas to hold meetings or other events. Most will have
large footprints to prevent other builds from disturbing the

This facility features three raised platforms each with signs
to indicate the speaker. Landscaping includes a large grove
that surrounds the facility and a planter in the interior.
Maximum simultaneous events suggested is one.

Please contact me if you wish to reserve this area. Fourty-
eight hours notice required for most events. Modifications
to the facilities can be made; please give me at least a week
or more. Privilege password rights are not available.

NOTE: You need not reserve a facility to use it. These are
meant for public use when no one has reserved the area. You
will however need to contact me if your event requires some
modifications to the facility.

Aaron Hill (Redmond, Wash.)
Electronic Mail: serac at
IRC Nickname: serac (on EF-Net)
ICQ UIN: 46803963
Citizenship: serac

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