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48 Hour Y2K Party! // Community

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Dec 31, 1999, 2:35am
Sanctuary - The New Millennium's 48 hour, Y2K party starts in less than 2
hrs. All day VRT on 31st and 1st. It is officially listed on the AWEC Y2K
party roster. Groundbreaking was 3 December 1998; so, this party has been
planned for quite awhile now. Next year's is also in the works hehe!

The official web page is
http://members.xoom.com/tbeabey/AW/Sanctuary/Sanctuary.html There is an
automatic 20 second download of HearMe Voice Chat for those who don't
already have it. For those who do not want it; merely say "NO" and it won't
download. The page has text links to a few pictures of the build.

The coords for this Hi-Res CD build Grand Opening and Y2K party are:
atlantis 1000s 900w Invite your friends and dress casually.

Happy New Year!

Trexter Ziam

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