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Dec 6, 1999, 1:35pm
[View Quote] Yes, HearMe is very easy to setup for the chatter too, since it downloads
automatically when you enter the chat room web page. Voice quality is good.
The fact that only person can speak at a time takes something off
the conversation part though, especially if somebody's holding
a minutes-long speech, since there is no way to interrupt him.
But all in all, it makes it more tangible that you're meeting real people there.
It's also easier for some people to express themselves in voice than text.

However, there is one danger for this international AW community:
for a foreigner it's usually easier to produce and understand written English.
And if you try to chat with Americans, they WILL comment on your accent.
Moving chat into voice window may intimidate most of the foreigners
to stay quiet if there are native English-speakers present.

If you plan to use voice in public AW occasions, please make sure that
there is a written transcript of all the official speeches and announcements
in AW window all the time. And don't force the speechmakers to use voice
if they don't want to, even if it's just friendly peer-pressure with good intentions.


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