SDK build 16 Xelagot is out (Sdk)

SDK build 16 Xelagot is out // Sdk

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Apr 4, 2000, 4:56pm
Xelagot 2.999981 is out, using the new 3.0 beta SDK build 16. New
vebal commands:

for warping an avatar within one world
avwarp <victim>, <coords>
awp <victim>, <coords>

for teleporting within one world
avteleport <victim>, <coords>
atp <victim>, <coords>

for teleporting to another world, add the world name to the
coordinates, for example:
avteleport Abbot Pabisoko, nowhere 1000n 29000w 300a 180
where 'nowhere' is the name of the world:)

For this to work, the bot must be Caretaker or have Eject rights, the
world server must be 3.0 beta build 23 or higher, and the victim must
be either a bot using this sdk function (this xelagot does) or a
person using the 3.0 (beta) browser.

This version of xelagot includes many changes in the Survey manager: 2
extra buffers for projects, moving objects from and to the different
buffers or lists, to and from disk (Lists tab), and a vertical toolbar
next to the map to select actions: track bot, use cache, auto survey,
project/survey on top, hide survey, hide project....

Help pages have not been yet updated, but the bot has been uploaded
(the number on the pages may still be the old one).

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