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Mar 25, 2003, 10:05am
I am not sure that the problem is about Yarp's competences.
In my opinion, it is more because of the leak of requests.
The RWX format is not known and he might think it is not worth the work.

I invited him to take a look at this thread, let's hope that he will

"slipaway" <mark at> a écrit
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> Katrine,
> Yeah, I don't think Yarp is familiar with the AW .rwx file standard.
> Maybe we can get some of the guys (Ananas, and Andras) to help him?
> If he could add AW's .rwx support, that would be awesome!
> It would make a great file browser for viewing local files, and
> viewing .jpg, .gif, .cob, and .rwx files locally on your machine. It
> supports EVERYTHING, including 3D Studio, TrueSpace/Caligari objects
> (COB) files, Bryce files, and "The Sims" files. Now if we could only
> convince him to add AW's .rwx support.
> Here is a list of all the file types this browser currently supports:
> Everyone, please drop Yarp an E-mail, (yarp at and ask him
> to support the AW .rwx file type!
> Mark
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