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I might have been wrong // General Discussion

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count dracula

Mar 12, 2003, 2:12am
I just noticed I accuse USA of the same thing I practice myself; not obaying
laws I do not belive in.
There are many in my opinion stupid laws and I simply ignore them. USA has
showed an ignorant attitude towards UN, just like I do when it comes to laws
I belive are just there to limit my individual freedom.

Maybe we all should simply start ignoring all laws, if we feel someone has
acted wrong or done something we do not belive to be right; we simply go and
punish them according to our moral standards. Why go to the police; since we
know better anyway.



Mar 12, 2003, 2:25am
[View Quote] This is exactly why I generalize Europeans Joker. I'm too tired to explain exactly
what I mean; but if you interpreted this the same way I did... you'll know. (to
joker ss)



Mar 12, 2003, 4:20am
> This is exactly why I generalize Europeans Joker. I'm too tired to explain exactly
> what I mean; but if you interpreted this the same way I did... you'll know. (to
> joker ss)

Honestly, if I can add on to what I said, please... just shut the hell up.


count dracula

Mar 12, 2003, 6:01am
You are funny Bowen, if I say something that upset you and then say I was
wrong you are upset again *LOL*

bowen <thisguyrules at 7k2.4mg.com.ANTISPAM> kirjoitti
viestissä:3e6ed1a7 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
explain exactly
know. (to
> Honestly, if I can add on to what I said, please... just shut the hell up.
> --Bowen--


Mar 12, 2003, 6:47am
I believe he is hideously insulted by the idea that law structures are
inherently wrong.
Personally, I think that anyone who's actually alive should notice that it's
absurd to have a controlling body issuing generalized limitations to all of

I would like to point something out: People like me would LEAVE your
god-forsaken horrible societies (all of them!) for good, if it wasn't for
the fact that imperialist bastards have already claimed every available
piece of land for their horrible enterprises. If you want us "crazy
anarchist freaks" out of your hair for good, then stop destroying all the
places we could leave to in order to build shopping malls. =P

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is very funny, better than Snatch (other
movie by same people). Hadn't seen it until tonight.

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the joker ss

Mar 12, 2003, 8:54am
still i dont generalize americans


Mar 12, 2003, 2:31pm
[View Quote] No, I just dislike supreme idiots.


count dracula

Mar 12, 2003, 2:44pm
I am sad to hear you do not like yourself.

bowen <thisguyrules at 7k2.4mg.com.ANTISPAM> kirjoitti
viestissä:3e6f60cd at server1.Activeworlds.com...
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Mar 12, 2003, 3:52pm
lol, just my thought when I read Bowen's post :)

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Mar 12, 2003, 3:57pm
[View Quote] Yeah too bad what I said makes sense as apposed to the crap that's spewed from
Europeans *just because they don't like Bush*.



Mar 12, 2003, 4:22pm
Well, I always disliked Bush, that's true. But in the
meantime I hate him as he is an incompetent asshole,
incompetent about world politics that should lead to a
more peaceful world, with no scruples let people kill
in the name of nationalism.

Bush is currently the biggest risk factor of all in the
global politics; the combination power, incompetence and
lack of scruples is extremely dangerous.

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sw chris

Mar 12, 2003, 8:18pm
Opinion, opinion, opinion. :)

Ananas, the only reason you think that is because you don't have 3000 dead
in your country in one day. That kind of thing is going to make the beehive

And furthermore, I believe I can now make the general observation that most
people who oppose the war are those folks who haven't seen a day of
oppression in their lives (which just happen to be white people). Whereas
folks like Jewish holocaust survivors such as Elie Weisel, scores of Iraqi
ex-patriots, American indians, and white kids like me who've been picked on
in school but are stronger for that experience know that injustice to any
civilization is not something one lays down and takes over and over and over

Oh oh. You're going to try to get me on the question of "What is justice?"
right? Well, you can debate generalities all you want, but that's not going
to stop the fact that Saddam's going down, regardless of lucrative European
and Russian oil contracts and continuous promises of placation under the
stupid Inspection program that doesn't even have enough manpower to cover a
country the size of Iraq and only works if there is a sizable military force
threatening to invade. At least that's according to one of the senior
inspectors in Baghdad and the UN Security Council, respectively.

Most people can reconsile their disagreements, but I guess we just have to
resort to namecalling instead. It just means you've ran out of things to
argue about. So I'm butting out of this for the duration of the war. I
think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone to debate you any further,
especially with two anarchists who are so far out there in their views that
I don't even know if they're on the right or left! Ananas seems to be the
only clear-thinking one out there.

Thanks guys for the rousing debate. I'll try to be tactful from here on
out. I don't intend to insult anyone. Ananas I respect your opinions but I
think you're dead wrong. Others have brought new insight to me into the
European attitude concerning war. So I guess I did learn something and now
I have more firepower for the next round. :D I'll see you after V-Day.

And thus, I say this with the most obvious sarcasm I can muster. Instead of
fighting each other, let's turn our attention to a common enemy. France!
Chirac, go surrender to somebody and butt out. :P


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Mar 12, 2003, 8:24pm
Violence is perfectly natural. Male animals kill each other constantly in
battles over females or territory.

What freaks me out is that it's gotten so impersonal... killing people by
the 1000's with long range explosives (be they US long range laser-guided
thingies, or Bin Laden's suicide jumbo jet pilots) is just too wierd... the
people who are going to die are going to have nothing to do with the source
of the problem.

Personally, I think world leaders should be put into bare-fist no-rules cage
matches to settle political issues. =P

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Mar 12, 2003, 8:27pm
Americans generalize themselves by assigning themselves to obvious social
themes which effectively force them to become stereotypes. (<--but isn't
this a generalization?)

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goober king

Mar 12, 2003, 10:38pm
Now you know why *I* didn't bother getting involved in this "debate". :P

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Goober King
Doesn't go into a battle of wits with unarmed people
gooberking at utn.cjb.net

the joker ss

Mar 12, 2003, 11:21pm
oh you being picked on at school , lil traumatized , so lets invade iraq ?
you know so well thats not the reason bush wants this war .

the joker ss

Mar 12, 2003, 11:25pm
and childish comments like "france the common enemy" , everyone who thinks
different about it is an enemy ? makes no sence , and that way , you will
make lot of friends on this planet , way to go .


Mar 13, 2003, 1:01am

And thus, **I say this with the most obvious sarcasm I can muster.** Instead of
fighting each other, let's turn our attention to a common enemy. France!
Chirac, go surrender to somebody and butt out. :P


You have misunderstood: this was not a "childish" comment. It was an (obvious) bit of sarcasm -- a generally accepted form of humor. Obviously this "humor" thing is an alien concept to some...

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just in

Mar 13, 2003, 4:42am
Violence is the solution of the bully.

I am yet to be convinced that there are any Weapons-Of-Mass-Distruction in

Until I am convinced that there are (or take the word of a majority of the
UN security council that there are) WOMD, I will be totally opposed to any
war against Iraq. I find the whole concept of making a pre-emptive strike

*IF* the case were proven that Saddam was harbouring WOMD, I would still
disagree with the pre-emptive strike as I still think that they could be
destroyed by UN order with the Inspectors overseeing it, but I would be more
tolerant of the impending US attack to enforce complete disarmament, based
on proof that there were blatant lies about Iraqi weapons and the
unwillingness of Saddam to volunteer the information when it was asked for.
Additionally, my reason for being "tolerant" is that I place a lot of hope
in the UN to keep world peace and provide a united front - and because it
made demands the UN should stand behind those demands and see them through -
rather than sit back and ignore them.

As things stand right now, should the US commence the attack without prior
evidence, I would not trust any information coming out of Iraq as "proof - I
told you so" as it could then be regarded as planted by US to avoid the
backlash of not having found anything for which the attack was justified.

I repeat my original position, in that I honestly think getting involved
militarily with Iraq, with what weapons they have and whith who is leading
them as a mistake. Any desires to make their leadership more humanitarian,
their politics more democratic, and their attack strength less volatile,
could and should be approached with diplomacy.

Regards, Justin

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> Cheers,
> Chris


Mar 13, 2003, 1:51pm
A nice game of chess between the leaders of the armies, etc. would solve it
all.. if they lose they get <kicking bucket sound effect>... killed... lol!

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Mar 14, 2003, 1:09am
The UN is toothless and useless, but, having said that...... I still agree
that if "we" go to war with Iraq without UN sanction then we are guilty of
supporting the American bully Bush ( who has his own agenda and it ISN'T
about weapons of mass destruction). One cannot say that Iraq hasn't complied
with a UN order to be rid of such weapons so therefore we should make him,
if we do not ourselves follow UN directives!

Many in Iraq would prefer to be out from under "Suddenly Insane's" iron
thumb, but there is also many that keep him in power. We have not got the
right to dictate another country's politics. If the ppl that oppose their
dictator were to rise up and try to shake their oppressor and ask for our
aid, and our internationally sanctioned body for world order ( The United
Nations) agreed that we should help, THEN and only then would we be morally
justified in resorting to interfering. Or if they came spewing out of their
country trying to tell us how to run our countries......well.......smack em
and make em run back home crying.

And as for their supposed affiliations with the Taliban ..... has any one
offered even a logical scenario for this accusation? I don't believe them
incapable..... as (The enemy of mine enemy is mine friend) they both hate
the United States, but..... that is a huge generalisation. Why don't they
accuse Korea of the same things.... after all ... they have openly resisted
Americas dominance over world opinion too.

What I would like to know, is WHY Bush hates Suddenly Insane so much.... why
is being rid of him more important than the thousands that would die as a
result of his stubbornness to wage what could possibly be World War 3.

I don't wanna die because some idiot American has delusions of grandeur and
our pathetic excuse for an Australian leader wants to kiss his bushy butt.

[View Quote] I am yet to be convinced that there are any Weapons-Of-Mass-Distruction in

Until I am convinced that there are (or take the word of a majority of the
UN security council that there are) WOMD, I will be totally opposed to any
war against Iraq.

the joker ss

Mar 14, 2003, 9:59am
i fully agree on that just in . nothing i can add :)


Mar 14, 2003, 5:28pm
Nationalism is based on opinions too, opinions that the own guys
are always the good guys, the own governement never lies, the own
war is always the best war, the own soldiers are always heroes,
the own press is independant, the own president would never
use blackmail, the own country never spends too much energy,
the own governement always pays their debts, the own weapons
cause peace... Continue the list yourself.

My reply is my opinion, I clearly stated that this is how I feel
about Bush. No facts, not my brain but my stomach wrote it down.
Logical arguments long stopped working, truth does not count in
this discussion - the war lovers just stomp their foot like an
angry child and state "we need the war anyway" and they even
believe what they stated.

They ignore all contradictions, argue with "facts" that exclude
eachother in different posts or come up with idiotic arguments
like "better save than sorry".

Does it make you wonder that this makes a normal person mad, who
is not bombed with lies and propaganda every day?

I do hate Bush because of his deeds, I do not dislike him because
of our press - I always check several sources before I believe
anything that is important to me. I check our press too - always
knowing that they just send a small part of the facts most of the

With the right mixture of propaganda, lies and the right extract
from the facts you can make some US people accept any war. Idiotic
things like renaming food with foreign names you would laugh about
if you heard it in a less emotional atmosphere now are necessary
to show those bad foreigners that they might be the next target
if they do not agree to the war.

For the less industrialized states it might work better to drop
development assistanceif they do not agree or send the illegal
immigrants all back that have been accepted all the time.

I bet they would even be able to proof that the Pope is actually
an Al Quaida member or at least supported them - well, my opinion.

You already live in the state of war, not with lethal weapons but
with money and propaganda. The opponents are those who do not
believe in the lies about the necessity of a war - as everyone
who does not support the US is a declared enemy. I am glad that
those Americans who I know closer, my friends, do not fall into
those traps. They check the facts before they support a regime
that tries to force others to do what they want them to do, they
check both sides of the medal.

btw.: I do not trust our own politicians either without checking
if it is something important to me, my opinion is just similar to
the "german position" by coincidence this time.

And I do not trust our german press either, I know they are censored
and influenced nearly as much as the American press at the moment.
Especially web pages of news agencies that deal with censorship or
monitoring the citizens tend to vanish lately :(

Those 3000 dead people - not related to Iraq in any way. No war
weapons have been used, the most deadly part has been the brain
of the terrorists. We all have a brain and no one can see what
it really deals with. Anyone in this NG would be able to use his
for bad deeds and no way to stop him. Of course, there are ways
to control a person completely, drugs that destroy personality
completely. Maybe they are already working on this problem?
I have no idea how much truth is in this - but it might help to
be better save than sorry.

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