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Sep 22, 2000, 3:20pm
I'm not a VB person, but am I wrong in assuming that, having installed a
callback function, you should get the result of your citizen query inside
the callback, and not in the calling function? It seems to me that what you
call your callback is the calling function.... And, do you sent the bot
instance before calling sdk2.AwCitizenAttributesByNumber(i) ?

AwCitizenAttributesByNumber, in the calling function, should not block or
give you a valid answer if you installed a callback, the answer comes in the
callback itself.

where is the pointer to callback function ? AwCallbackSet has, in C, two
parameters: the type of callback, in this case
AW_CALLBACK_CITIZEN_ATTRIBUTES, and a pointer to an entry point for the
callback function itself. I don't know how to do this in VB, but it seems
to be missing here.

Calling for a series of citizen numbers in a row (1 to 10 in this case) can
overload the universe server and is frowened upon, you should only use this
call when absolutely necessary. I never send 2 calls in a row, but I wait
for the callback to trigger (or for a timeout) before sending a second
request: play it safe :)


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