Help with AW SDk and VB5 (Sdk)

Help with AW SDk and VB5 // Sdk

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Oct 6, 1998, 1:43pm
I am trying to use the AW.DLL routines and not getting anywhere. :(

Here is the .h file

#ifdef WIN32
#if !defined (AW_SDK) && !defined (AW_BROWSER)
#define AWAPI __declspec (dllimport)
#define AWAPI
#define AWAPI

#define AW_BUILD 5

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

AWAPI int aw_init (int build);
AWAPI void aw_term (void);
.... and many more.

I have converted this to:

Public Declare Function aw_init Lib "aw.dll" (ByVal awbuild As Long) As
Public Declare Sub aw_term Lib "aw.dll" ()

The first declare returns "Bad DLL calling convention".
The second returns with no error.

I have tried declaring with "Integer" instead of "Long" ( and in
desperation, "Byte" also).
Same error. What am I missing here?
Thanks in advance, Jim


Oct 7, 1998, 1:37am
I am trying to make things simpler for VB5 as well.... too many things on the
project pile... but making slow progress.... you know how nothing works until
completed. <shrugs>

[View Quote] > I am trying to use the AW.DLL routines and not getting anywhere. :(

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kevin maclennan

Oct 7, 1998, 2:40am
I've got the header translated into VB declares and have everything working
but the event hooks. It does return the error you mentioned on several
calls, yet the Bot still functions exactly as expected. Just put in "on
error resume next" and your code will function ok. Keep all the C declared
int's as longs, and the char pointers as strings, and everything works
great. Let me know if you want a copy of my module.

Good luck,

k_maclennan at

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