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Jul 26, 2000, 7:30pm
Is there a bot that makes use of the supposed new feature in v 3.0,
where you should be able to attach an avatar to an object, such as a
boat, or a car, or a car on a roller coaster, and have it take you
places? Not bump warp, like what currently exists, you know, where you
leave the static object and "pretend" to be carried away? has someone
gotten this to work, or has someone made a bot for this feature yet?
thanks, Ingie


Jul 27, 2000, 1:21am
[View Quote] There is no feature like this :) There is however, the aw_teleport() thingy :D

This allows you to move an avatar to anywhere you want if you have eject rights. A bot maker would have to have the bot keep
updating the avatar's position to it's own. Faber has implemented a "carry" command in Daniel (AWGames). It's kind of fun... for a
while ;)


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