Programming Tutorials spanning multiple languages (Bots)

Programming Tutorials spanning multiple languages // Bots

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Jul 13, 2000, 2:50am

With bot popularity growing every day, and those who can't program have
reached the limits of Preston and Xelagot scripting, I've decided to begin a
site to help people learn to program efficiently. The site will include
several languages to begin with, and more once the site is developed. As a
long time programmer I know how frustrating it can be, especially for
beginners. Hopefully the site will force your brain to think it terms of
variables :). Although it may not be popular, at least there will be
somewhere to go to learn. Right now, I'm working on the C++ section, which
should be released soon and be online within a week. Since I am well versed
in about quite a few languages (although there's always room for
improvement), I can write a lot of the documentation. However, I would like
some help from others, so the site can be online as quickly as possible. If
you would like to write a tutorial, or have one already, I would really
appreciate it.

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Too Big: *body swells and TBs eyes start glowing* AAAAHHH!!!!!! :O


Jul 23, 2000, 8:32am
what is the URL? I have never been able to comprehend C++ lol
and I could use a full lesson of Visual basic :-)

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Jul 27, 2000, 3:47pm
Well, I'm having FTP problems with the site, so it may be a few weeks until
the C++ section is online...

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