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Sep 7, 2002, 1:05pm
An identity claiming to be known as "kellee" <kellee at> scribed the following <3d79a706 at>:

>I don't know if any one else is receiving these or is it just me because of
>the awuniv? Both came with attachments which I rather suspect contain a
>virus and they are not the first I have received by a long chalk. Needless
>to say, i didnt open the attachments to find out.
>Someone out there thinks its funny to use AWC addresses for mischief?
>From: cof <cof at>
>To: awu at
>Subject: Hi,the Garden of Eden
>From: activeworlds <activeworlds at>
>To: awu at
>Subject: A IE 6.0 patch
>Hello,This is a IE 6.0 patch
>I wish you would enjoy it.

You're getting the Win32.Klez.H worm virus. The most popular Virus around today :o)

Nothing to worry about though.

I found this out at
Check out the subjects you can receive, and they include your two:
o a ***** ***** patch
o the Garden of Eden

Ok, now, either someone is infected and has you in their Address book and it's automatically sending itself to you. I'm guessing this isn't the case, I'm actually guessing that you recently, without knowing, caught the HTML.MimeExploit which automatically launched (without your knowing, cause of stupid MICROSOFT products) the virus on you as well as one worm known as JS.Loop or something by that name. What the JS.Loop will do is, I think every day, resend the Win32.Klez.H worm to your inbox, with different From field email address and names, and different subjects.

I suggest you set a few settings up in your Outlook Express as well as get the latest virus protection files. I use VET Antivirus (

In Outlook Express, go to Tools --> Options. In the 'read' tab, make sure that the 'Automatically download message when viewing in the Preview Pane' is UNCHECKED. Also, in the 'Security' tab, make sure that for 'Select the Internet Explorer Security Zone to Use' is RESTRICTED SITES ZONE (More Secure). And that you check the box for 'Do no allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus'.

Hope this helped at all :o)

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