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Sep 2, 2002, 1:04pm
An identity claiming to be known as "rypp" <rypp at> scribed the following <3d735edd at>:

> This is the wishlist, right? So here we go :-)
> I wish i were a Cyber God and could turn myself into bits and bytes and go
>through the telephone jack and into AW were i turned myself into an Cyber
>God Helmut avatar!!
>I wish i could access all the world options no matter what world i entered!
>I wish i could change the Universe option and do whatever i wanted with it!
>I wish i were a caretaker of Alphaworld and that i owned AWC! I
>wish i had a billion dollars! I wish i had 1000 womens to choose from and i
>wish it were my birthday everyday!

Now why would you want that much power in AW? It would just bore you after time. 1000 women? Gosh, have you ever stopped to think at what the Internet offers you? You have millions of people to meet online, and thousands of chances to meet someone who you fancy. Whereas before the internet, you might have been stuck by getting to know only those around your local area.

> But right now...i wish i didn't spend time writing this stupid post!

You'd better wish it, cause I can only see how much flaming you're about to get, heh.

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