Can someone explain AW_event_set ? (Sdk)

Can someone explain AW_event_set ? // Sdk

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Oct 3, 1998, 1:01pm

I am not sure to understand the command aw_event_set

What is precisely its use, and can you explain me its parameters ?



edward sumerfield

Oct 7, 1998, 12:26am
Certainly jeanphi,

The function aw_event_set allows you to tell the SDK the name of one of your
functions for it to call when something happens.

The parameters are the attribute which describes the "when somthing
happends" and the function pointer, the void(*func)(void) thing, that is
your function.

So, the code aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_AVATAR_ADD, myfunc);

where myfunc is

void myfunc(void) {
printf("Hey I was just called by the SDK.\n");

As you can see, the attribute is when an avatar appears near your bot and
when this happens your function is called. It allows your bot to react to
events in the world.

Hope this helps.

Edward Sumerfield.

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