Just a Reminder:) (General Discussion)

Just a Reminder:) // General Discussion

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alphabit phalpha

Mar 18, 2002, 1:46am
Hi Everyone:)
Just a reminder
You are cordially invited to attend a Birthday party for that ever lovin
fun guy King Tex:)
Please come and celebrate his 51st Birthday with us:)

Time: Tuesday March 19th 9pm central, 1 am VRT.
Place: AW AlphaWorld 29999N 18999W

If you would like to leave a card, we have a cardsite at the Birthday
site also:)
Or if your into "ECards" , his email is lite_guy at swbell.net

*BYOA* (bring your own avatar)......LOL

Thank you!

AlphaBit Phalpha:)

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