King Tex's Birthday! (General Discussion)

King Tex's Birthday! // General Discussion

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alphabit phalpha

Mar 7, 2002, 12:49pm
Hi Everyone:)

You are cordially invited to attend a Birthday party for that ever lovin
fun guy King Tex:)
Tex has participated in many Community activities in Activeworlds
including Gate Keeping, AW University, The Avvys, Reunions, The Cy Awards,
and currently he coordinates the Wednesday night AW Bingos.
He is the creator of the Cy's Ballroom, and that beautiful memorial
picture statue used in AW Prime. And many AWU objects.
Please come and celebrate his 51st Birthday with us:)

Time: Tuesday March 19th 9pm central, 1 am VRT.
Place: AW AlphaWorld 29999N 18999W

If you would like to leave a card, we have a cardsite at the Birthday
site also:)
Or if your into "ECards" , his email is lite_guy at

*BYOA* (bring your own avatar)......LOL

Thank you!


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