Frustrated after puter crash and ISP being down (Bots)

Frustrated after puter crash and ISP being down // Bots

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anpetu olowan

May 21, 2000, 9:54am
Well, I'm back, finally and am trying very hard to catch up in my world
where I left off. I have a question though.........before this mess with
my puter and ISP, I had some email about a hunt bot but for the life of
me I cannot find it. I'm sure I wasn't imagining this. In fact, wasn't
an email sent about that just last week. I am trying to build a hunting
and fishing area in my world and as I am completely illiterate as far as
programming bots, this bot seemed to be my best choice for this purpose.

Can anyone help me or tell me where I can find this? Thank you.

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