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Oct 25, 2001, 5:48pm
Bah. I lost my AW identity long, long ago. That's my citnum, it's the name I
use here now.

You people misunderstand me, as I assumed you would..

The actions of these terrorists were (and are) horrific and terrible. The
loss of life is tragic.

BUT I cannot stand to see America be so self-righteous (myself being an
American, I might note). Modern society, especially the generally repressive
American society, is not entirely in the right. We raise our children to be
a pool of drones, just for starters. For the sake of some mythological
"progress," we forget the individuals behind the giant corporate machines,
and generally bring misery and anguish to the world as a whole.

Don't think I'm saying some other nation has got it better -- that would be
foolish. All of the world leaders are full of themselves, and their
pointless battles.

It doesn't have to be like this.
People don't have to be so unhappy.
People don't have to be so angry.

In the future, they will not be. But it will take a change that few are
ready to accept. Not violence, simply a change.... and end to the current
violent nature, to begin with.

The details are complicated, they have been worked out for years, and will
continue to be forever.

Should I state them here, I would be doing myself and the world a great
disservice... No, 'tis best to keep these ideals hidden at this time, else
those who truly do not desire an end to perpetual fighting take up arms
against those who want nothing but happiness and prosperity for humanity.

Henry Todd,
'GloK', and whatever other names I've gone by which I now forget

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