new version of AWSDKJava for Build 15 available. (Sdk)

new version of AWSDKJava for Build 15 available. // Sdk

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thierry nabeth

Aug 3, 1999, 7:36am

You will find at url

a new version of AWSDKJava for Build 15.

The only thing function that has not (yet) been encapsulated is the
query() function.

Versions of the dll works for both Jdk 1.1.7B (VAJ* IDE) and 1.2.2.
Besides an exemple of use with Visual Age for Java is provided
(including a few pictures).
*VAJ= IBM VisualAge for Java.

The main difference wiht the previous version is:

* the dll has been renamed awjava.dll (instead of libaw.dll)
* the VAJ IDE version now works !!!!!
* a jar jdk1.2 version of the VAJ IDE version is provided.

Note: (making the system work with VAJ).
The problem in the previous version was that the SDK was call
from another thread than the main thread, which caused the
system to crash (because the sdk is not reentrant).
Note: swing (the java GUI library) is not reentrant either.
The solution was to call all the sdk function from the main thread in

==============================loop thread==============================
public void run() {
Runnable awProcessEvent = new Runnable () {
public void run() {
try {
Aw aw = getAwSession();
} catch (Exception ex) {
System.out.println("EXCEPTION: "+ex);

while (true) {

Thierry Nabeth

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