what happened to the survey thread (General Discussion)

what happened to the survey thread // General Discussion

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Aug 20, 2001, 5:01pm
Excuse me asking but can anyone please inform me why I can not see the
posting I posted in conjunction with the great awsurvey?

I noticed that it has been removed from this newsgroup for some reason, or
perhaps im still half asleep.

If it has been removed can I please be informed why? I would like to produce
a reason conclusion to the 100's of responses so far recieved.


Aug 20, 2001, 5:39pm
In Outlook Express Tools/Options/Maintenance by default news messages are deleted 5 days after they are downloaded. Your thread is still on the server, it's just removed locally from your machine. To see it again click the "Clean Up" button, browse to the general.discussion NG and click Reset, it will remove all headers and bodies so they will be re-downloaded.


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Aug 20, 2001, 5:39pm
umm...unless you swore, made a personal attack, or did something offensive,
most likely, you're just using Outlook Express, which takes out any unactive
threads after an x amount of days from your viewing screen. It's without a
doubt still there, you'll just need to reconfigure your reader to see it. :)


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