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m a r c u s

Jul 12, 2001, 4:15pm
Let me get this straight, you want me to figure out something which will
enable me to see things on the screen with less quality because someone else
is too friggin cheap to get better quality net service? YOU ARE FREAKIN

I asked for a simple direct route in respect to the fact costs might be high
abroad, but now remembering previous posts, there have been people abroad
who have stated there are free services/avenues that don't hamper their
online time/costs.

If someone doesn't want something on their computer, they should find a way
to filter it. This is why I probably haven't found the right steps, because
honestly with a $1000 computer, I want to see some pretty dang good pics and
html coding to go along with it. Unlimited use and bandwith is also paid
for, and now we the payers want the benefits from paying for that service
just like worldbuilders have the benefits they pay for. I think this whole
html/plain text issue is rediculous. If I wanted plain text, I would make
sure I found a way to only read it that way.

People sending the data shouldn't know ahead of time what people want. It
makes for a real bland/undesirable newsgroup, and to figure out how to limit
my use on the computer is not what I am paying for.

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