Xelagot 2.9999907 with Verbal commands for world rights (Bots)

Xelagot 2.9999907 with Verbal commands for world rights // Bots

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May 3, 2000, 1:48pm
The last uploads of Xelagot have quite a few additions. The latest
version includes Verbal Commands for changing the individual entries in
the world rights lists. These can now also be manged from the user
interface (by right clicking on an avatar on the Presence list), and in
Action Script statements. An example of verbal commands:

Enter Caretakermode
Give PS to 345678
Take ED from 123456, 23987
Give Build to 2345, 678908
Take Enter from * (closes the world)
Exit Caretakermode

The bot might answer something like this:

I am now in Caretakermode. To make me leave this mode, say: 'exit
Giving PS to 345678
Taking ED from 123456, 23987
Giving Build to 2345. The list is full (bad luck for 678908)
Taking enter from *
I have exited Caretakermode. To put me in this mode, say: 'enter

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