Camera suggestions (Wishlist)

Camera suggestions // Wishlist

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sarus tor ss

Aug 2, 2006, 8:05am
Two things:

Firstly, cameras should be visibility independent...instead of relying
on the fact that the browser can see the object, instead base it on
position of the object in the prop dump file....have the browser search
the world server for the position of that named object and then jump the
browser 3d window to that location..That way you can have cameras all
across the world controlled at one point.

It should be fixed for both uses of cameras:

1. Simply a named object with another object having activate camera

2. Actual camera objects activated by a zone are also visibility
dependent. This should change.

And secondly, camera objects should be able to be activated the same way
a named object camera location can, instead of require a zone to view
it. (And maybe add a little icon in the menu bar that indicates you are
viewing a camera, and give the user an option to click on it to go back
to their normal view.)

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