Zone Building Limits (Wishlist)

Zone Building Limits // Wishlist

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Aug 1, 2006, 6:00pm
They need to setup zones to be able to limit building rights to that zone
only. Would be good for setting building limits for people in your world, or
just put a * and let anyone build in that 1 zone. This would make it a lot
easier to stop people from vandalizing a world. And easier to set up
building limits for certain people in your world by just making 1 big zone
and setting it to that person's rights only. Make it just like any other
rights with AW citizen numbers and commas for more than 1 person. They also
can go on from there and set it up for tourists too by using their email
address instead of their citizen number. I'm sure some bots can do something
like this, but I've never seen any, and I don't like running bots 24 / 7.


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