Standard "Enable Flying" and Mover "Enable Flying" (Wishlist)

Standard "Enable Flying" and Mover "Enable Flying" // Wishlist

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Jul 24, 2006, 8:12am
I won't beat around the bush -

My world: Flying is disabled - it is unrealistic for humans to fly, and in
my world, realism is my goal.

Yet, a human who cannot fly, also cannot get into a helicopter mover and
fly - because fly is disabled.

I would love a feature to "Enable Mover Flying" in the world options -
seeing as the team and myself are the only ones building, no other user can
build a mover to fly around in and bypass the main "Enable Fly" option, as
the case would be in AWTeen and such. (If they were to ever disable fly for
whatever reason, be it paintball or something)

Now, I'm not good with making this simple, so I hope you get at what I'm

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