fix the activate and bump commands. (Wishlist)

fix the activate and bump commands. // Wishlist

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Jul 20, 2006, 7:34pm
I never noticed this till now when I used it in this manner.
I have a move action set to run only if you click a sign to start it.
Also tried it with bump to start it.
All the objects that move are linked to that sign with the astart and atdone
arguments and set to move after a set time passes by.

Now when that area loads or comes into view, it will run as if you use the
create command.

This is completely messing up what I want to do.
These objects must remain motionless until the sign is clicked.
As long as the activate and bump commands are like this, people will have to
wait how ever long the animation is before clicking the sign or nothing I
have done will run the way it was ment to run.


Jul 20, 2006, 8:11pm
Problem has been fixed.
Thanks SW Comit :-)

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