Preston 29 (beta) available (Bots)

Preston 29 (beta) available // Bots

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Apr 9, 2000, 6:22pm
Hi there,

Prestion Build 29 is out. It is considered beta since the underlying sdk is beta as well (as for
everything with aw3.0).

Details on Build 29:

Preston Version History
Build 29 (BETA)

- Preston is now compiled with aw.dll build 16 to support the new AW3.0 features. Make sure to use
the supplied aw.dll when you install Preston, and do not share this aw.dll with any of your previous
or other bots. You can do this by placing Preston in a separate folder.
- As with any initial beta, the AW3.0 beta at the time of this release does still have some bugs. It
was observed that avatar positioning is not accurate.
- A new action, <move avatar>, enables Preston to remotely move an avatar around. The avatar can be
moved to other known locations such as other avatars or objects, or to an absolute AW location which
includes different worlds. Note that this requires eject rights, world server build 23, and the
person being moved to have AW client build 336 or later.
- change_object and add_object now accept other object names as position using the at notation too.
at faber could now refer to Faber being near or to an object having "create name faber" on it. If both
apply, the avatar position takes precedence.
- The read-only entries for owner and version can no longer be overridden.
- The world schedule now can change the new world parameters as well, which includes fog, ambient
light color, directional light color, and light direction.

Enjoy :)


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