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tart sugar

Jan 16, 2004, 12:59am
I was just in another universe - *cough* - and whenever somebody swore, all
you saw was <censored> on the chat screen and the person did NOT get ejected
for it. I thought that was really great. All they use is a chat delay bot.

I have always thought it was pointless to get ejected from The Gate for
swearing, because what they've said - most times deliberately - is out there
on the chat screen for all to see anyway. You know when a troubled kid,
looking for attention, comes in and has a 4 letter word typed in as many
times as they can get it on a chat line? All they want to do is shock
everybody. What do they care if they get ejected? They know that's what's
gonna happen. But for newbies who don't know the rules, their first offense
won't get them a free pass to the Blue Room.

Why can't we get a chat delay bot for The Gate? It would certainly keep The
Gate 'G' rated. And for repeat offenders who like to see <censored> pop up
on the screen everytime they say something, THEN the GK can eject them. I
got ejected for making the word "cockroach" two words. LoL!!!!! Funny?
Yes. I certainly wasn't trying to swear, but at the same time, annoying,
because I had to wait 5 minutes to get back in.

Tart Sugar
I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

tart sugar

Jan 16, 2004, 12:01pm
[View Quote] Yes - I am the Typo Queen. That should have read ~ chat RELAY bot

sgeo ~~~

Jan 16, 2004, 1:16pm
I think that lines with swearing shoudn't be sent at all.
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tart sugar

Jan 16, 2004, 3:14pm
No. Obviously not. The Gate is a 'G' rated world, but AWI has a hard time
keeping it 'G' rated. The Gatekeepers have their hands tied dealing with
this issue. There is only so much a GK can do, and they get harrassed
whenever they try.

As The Gate is the gateway to all AW worlds, I would think AWI would be more
concerned than they have been with keeping The Gate an enjoyable and SAFE
experience for all new users, children especially.

Perhaps if AWI could see what a hit they are taking in the wallet when
newbies see that The Gate is full of offensive and rude language, and not
the place for children, maybe THEN they will do something.

Tart Sugar

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Jan 16, 2004, 8:31pm
What's even more fun is getting creative and substituting more appropriate
(and sometimes hilarious) words for ones on the bot's "Censor" list. Makes
for some interesting and enjoyable chats. Heheh

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