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the lady

Jan 4, 2004, 9:32pm
Peacekeepers give an email address to write regarding abuse. But does that
work? The citizens of AW don't see the letter, don't see the people behind
the scenes response, don't see action taken unless the person making the
complaint copy/pastes to the newsgroup. I've experimented with complaining
about a few things in the newsgroup in order to get people in the community
to see there is a problem. More than one person needs to see that a person
or group of people in bold is abusing. My posts get no action taken if done
that way. Peacekeepers or AW wants you to email them. I don't agree with
that. I feel the problem should be exposed publically, dealt with and
solved publically. If I sent an email saying the people have suffered
enough, please consider allowing tourists and special building commands, it
seems that works. The question is: Was that problem solved by community
effort? No.

If the problem is personal between a person in bold and the person making
the complaint, like a personality conflict, or a relationship gone bad, I
understand trying to solve that problem with a certain amount of discretion.

However, regarding abuse that does not fit in that category, it is a
detriment - you hear me - a DETRIMENT to the AW community to have to solve
these issues through email. It seeks to limit the power and exclude
citizens of the community. And that is Dead Wrong.

Wake up leadership of AW. Your community is at a clear disadvantage
regarding defending wrong doing, problem solving and negotiating change for
the better of the company and the people.


Jan 4, 2004, 9:37pm
yeah, lets burn them at the stake publically :)

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