Preston 28 is out (Bots)

Preston 28 is out // Bots

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Feb 28, 2000, 8:03pm
Hi :)

Please download the new Preston 28.

The preston beta phase has ended. As from now, Preston 27 is disabled.

The bugfixes are :

- The sorting on the dictionary page did not display sequences in order sometimes. This has been
- The dictionary edit dialog cleared out the phrase dialog when you changed the action. This has
been fixed. This bugfix also applies to the preset button not filling in the phrase.
- Preston had a problem when trying to delete more than one dictionary entry, especially if main
entries and their sequences were selected and deleted at once. This has been fixed.
- A bug in the midi list handling caused a midi entry to disappear when the user hit the "move up"
button. This has been fixed.

the URL is, as usual:


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