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Feb 27, 2000, 9:35pm
I believe that an article in the next AW Newsletter may end up being
slightly misleading. I am posting this here, as if I tried to post to the newsgroup, it would most likely be rejected.
I saw HamFon was in ActiveS (Mech's world) and I thought there might be some
truth to what Mech Warrior told me. Anyway, here's what I have to show you.

* Active Worlds chat session: Sun Feb 13, 2000 12:20 PM *

Mech Warrior: Ok, well, we have been trying to keep this covered up because,
It will be announced throught The Aw Newsletter.
Mech Warrior: I beleive as best bot or something
Agent1: I see
Mech Warrior: with like a 8 paragraph article.
Mech Warrior: And we are just releasing the Flora and Fauna Intellegent is
hush hush
Mech Warrior: Because
Mech Warrior: We are not COMPLETLY done with it.
Mech Warrior: we still need to program alot more.
Mech Warrior: like houses.
Mech Warrior: etc.
Agent1: I thought so...
Mech Warrior: and we still have to make about 3000 avatars .
Mech Warrior: for the bot to use.
Mech Warrior: like baby
Mech Warrior: to adult
Mech Warrior: we were thinking
Mech Warrior: just making the berry get bigger and bigger
Mech Warrior: And when it is angry
Mech Warrior: it will turn red
Mech Warrior: and when it is happy it will be green
Mech Warrior: when it is sad it will turn yellow
Mech Warrior: and when it is dead it will turn into ghostberry
Mech Warrior: and float up into the air.
Mech Warrior: hehe
Mech Warrior: good idead huh?
Mech Warrior: idea*
Agent1: Yep :)
Mech Warrior: are you good at anything that could help us?
Mech Warrior: if so. I will let you join.
Agent1: Well... I could build things... create simple objects... code a
little bit (in C though)
Mech Warrior: I really need object creators.. no builders
Mech Warrior: we need
Mech Warrior: about 1000 berry's
Mech Warrior: from like a small ant
Mech Warrior: To a gigantic berry
Mech Warrior: about the size of a pp01m
Mech Warrior: or pp01l
Agent1: Uhh... if you need that many... why not just code a way to modify
the RWX files and upload them as needed?
Mech Warrior: It isn't possible in vb
Mech Warrior: I believe
Agent1: :O
Agent1: You can't read/write to files?
Mech Warrior: it can do that
Mech Warrior: just cannot upload.
Agent1: hmm.. That's odd
Mech Warrior: we've tried everything.
Mech Warrior: see ya later
Agent1: Bye



Feb 28, 2000, 3:05am
What the hell? It'd be easy to write a program that modifies those files in
vb or c++ or any lang down to basic. What is that guy smokin?

the wanderer

Feb 28, 2000, 3:04pm
No at (recils) wrote in <38ba020a at>:

>What the hell? It'd be easy to write a program that modifies those
>files in vb or c++ or any lang down to basic. What is that guy smokin?

He just doesn't know how to do the ftp upload. One of the first projects I
did in VB (before giving it up for Delphi) was to write a simple chat and
ftp client. It isn't that difficult to do, of course I say that without
being able to remember the specifics of it either :o-)


The Wanderer
Travel Well and may your Journeys be safe!

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