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Re: Identifying what worlds allow Tourists // Wishlist

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Oct 23, 2002, 5:16am
An identity claiming to be known as "jamey" <jamey at> scribed the following <3db5eaf3 at> in beta:

>I have about 12 worlds but I have not purchased the extra feature that
>allows Tourist to enter them because as far as I can tell so far there is no
>way for anyone to tell by looking at the worlds list if they are tourist
>allowed or not..
>I would like to see AW add a third color to the world list for example
>Blue worlds would be nice to let people know tourists may enter there.
>green = open to citizens
>red = closed or private
>blue = open to all
>I think if AW added this feature they would be able to sell the add tourist
>feature a lot easier..

How many times must Shamus warn you guys? Keep these kinds of wishes to the WISHLIST newsgroup or simply be removed from Beta testing. He's stated it so many times guys...

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