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IP Addresses in Builds // Wishlist

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Oct 3, 2002, 10:47am
An identity claiming to be known as "anduin" <anduin at anduin-lothario.com> scribed the following <615opukq14s8icum7oobsg6v0fme64s9ra at 4ax.com> in worldbuilders:

>Hi All,
>I've just come up with a rather sweet idea to prevent, more or less, pornographic materials and such to be built un-noticed...
>What I mean is, you can't determine WHO built something if it's a tourist building a picture object with porn.
>We get some of these cases in AWNewbie, tourists only can build, we've had porno pictures pop up and such. I have my 8 yr old brother using ActiveWorlds... Fully monitored by myself of course and even at times, using voice over the network to keep in touch on anything.
>Now, a new feature which could be added is a new field which is only filled in and can only be seen to those who have ED rights. Could be underneath the 'Date:' section of a build or what not. That way, we can determine an IP address on the person who built the thing, check logs and possibly determine who it was...
>Not 100% accurate with proxy servers and such, but would truly help.
>Any thoughts?

[Sorry: Was half asleep and should have posted this in Wishlist... Fixed now :o)]

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