Reason Code 454 (Sdk)

Reason Code 454 // Sdk

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Sep 24, 1998, 8:41pm
OK, first off, what does Reason Code 454 mean? I get error 454 whenever I
try to compile my bot under any build other than aw_init(4); and this would
probably be why I haven't been able to get AW_AVATAR_NAME to stay current.
My guess is that this is Roland's way of protecting the SDK from being
edited, but since I'm running C++ Builder, my workaround to get it running
involves doing this. Is there any way around this problem (other than
purchasing VC++) that will get me out of the stone age?

Thanks in advance...

roland vilett

Sep 24, 1998, 9:42pm
Error 454 means there is a version mismatch between the aw.dll file you are
using and the version of the SDK you compiled for. If you are using the
latest SDK (build 5) and you are getting this error, that means there is an
aw.dll from a previous build on your PC somewhere that Windows is picking up
when you are running your application. Make sure the latest build 5 aw.dll
is in the same folder as your SDK application.

This doesn't have anything to do with protecting the SDK from "being
edited". It's to prevent the crashes that might occur if you try to use the
wrong build of aw.dll with your app.


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Sep 24, 1998, 10:56pm
OK, thanks... I hadn't thought of that as this is actually the first program
that I've written that links with DLLs... sorry if I'm a bit ignorant...

- Cyborganic

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