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Wish (was Re: Object Request, or Help? // Wishlist

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Aug 2, 2002, 12:06am
In a galaxy far far away, known as general.discussion, an identity
claiming to be known as "anduin" <anduin at NOSPAM.anduin-lothario.com>
scribed the following:
[View Quote] How about a new feature that allows you to set any object to always
face you, but at the same time, this object can still be flipped and
rotated in any angle. So if you made a panel in a '/' angle, it would
still face you, but in that angle. Make any sense at all? This would
help heaps for certain plants that can blow with the wind, but when
you walk past them and turn around, they are still facing you. So they
don't appear thin, cause you can't see them from that bad position.

Better than that would be for sprites made to be able to rotate...

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