Default World sounds (Wishlist)

Default World sounds // Wishlist

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Jul 31, 2002, 4:40am
Hi all,

We already know about the object path containing WARP and DEWARP
sounds to play those sounds when warping or teleporting in your world.

Something else that should be added to AW should be default STEPPING
sounds and default continuous sounds...

EG; when moving around in the world you have footsteps in grass or
whichever... Can be overridden by adding another bump sound to another

The continuous sound is like the atmospheric sound in a world. Instead
of having to have heaps of objects having create sound, you could set
it in world settings.

EG; having a sound of RAIN in a world, so the whole world has a rain
sound to the atmosphere... This could be overridden in world with
special commands on objects, so when you walk inside a room you don't
hear the rain anymore.

Am I even making sense?


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the derek

Jul 31, 2002, 4:50am
yes, but to make it realistic youd end up with create noise commands anyways
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