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May 10, 2002, 10:49am
Well, I'm sure that ENZO researched the CARP issue well before acquiring and knew that the final terms would have to be decided
upon by two Mondays from now. What he couldn't have known was the February
decision that put the Internet rates so ridiculously high that most radio
stations (including will probably be forced out of
business should it pass because AW probably now inherits all of
netbroadcaster's retroactive royalty fees. Thus, unless there's something I
don't know about or a clause in the contract to the contrary, AW will
probably lose a heck of a lot of money that could have gone to 3D
development in this deal.

I can't fault ENZO for this one, like everyone else most likely in their
flames in reply to this post. It's just a case of poor timing and bad luck,
both of which have brought down many businesses in the past :)

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