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A concern // Wishlist

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sir chaos

Mar 7, 2002, 3:32am
This is sort of a complaint, and sort of a question, but it's mostly
top of my wishlist that something be done. I wish for the permanence of
NAC builds.

Not a lot of citizens may know this, but it's been on the cancel page
at least since the price change: Thirty days after a Citizenship with AW
is "terminated" (and I assume this counts for peaceful "termination" as
well as forceful ones), _all_ property created by that Citizen is
_permanently_ deleted.

Now, I know that with a "trial period" and no tourists, we need some
way to clear out garbage; but this... this is kinda scary. Personally, I
feel as if my buildings is being held hostage. If I find I can't pay my
bills for a couple of months, be it for some emergency or whatnot, this
last year (for me, for others I am quite sure more) of work is at risk.
Much of my own fascination with AlphaWorld is its history and ancient (if
forgotten) builds, and a lot of my buildings are "portals" to explore these
old places. With a rule like this in place, AlphaWorld has essentially
ceased to accumulate them, and my portals are likely to lead to nowhere.
And of course, if *I* lose credit or internet connection or whatnot for a
couple of months (albeit the *right* months, as I intend pay yearly), or
just leave for awhile, the biggest reason to ever return would be to see my
stuff again, if not add to it.

But what really concerns me is the long run. The concept of "Towns"
and "Cities" is in danger with this policy in place as well, as user's
buildings will vanish with their accounts - as well as the roads and
landmarks that keep them. My first build, for instance, is in RiffTown - a
considerably large area marked out by Riff (#275011) which has been being
filled out for some years. What would happen to this neighborhood if Riff
loses his credit or internet or something? Would the roads disappear?
Would all those group projects written with Riff's Priv. Password way back
when vanish as well?

Even with a time differential this rule is a pain. AW History is at
stake. What about the citizens that have *died*? Even some of the trivial
junk can acquire great meaning as memoirs and monuments of Citizens past.

There's just gotta be a different way. Maybe those "trial accounts"
can build in what used to be "tourist mode" (to become "real" on payment?),
or maybe have it possible for one citizen to "claim" NAC objects, or
something. We need NAC builds to preserve inactive citizen's work, or the
history and expansion (and subsequent explorations by future citizens) of
AlphaWorld is _done_.

-Sir Chaos


Mar 7, 2002, 12:09pm
you peple are too serious about your builds. What are they going to be worth
once you're gone? Most likely nothing. They just take up space and annoy
others. There are a lot of people who have been on AW for 4 or 5 years
*cough*me*cougH* that are still on and their builds won't be deleted. You
can still explore those. As for your own and from people that are long
gone.. they take up space on the AWCom's servers and take up space for us to
build at and the majority of land coverage by NAC's are just that. Tons and
tons of land covered in walks that is completely useless!
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Mar 7, 2002, 12:47pm
Too much complaining and not enough thanking the the NGs these days...
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Mar 7, 2002, 1:31pm
And that's how the world goes round ;-)

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sir chaos

Mar 7, 2002, 7:54pm
Use the map. It's easy, and you'll get some perspective on "available
space" in AlphaWorld. Really, we could double, even triple the space used
right now and still not even cover half of AlphaWorld.

As I said, with "temporary citizenship" there's got to be some way to
clear out the junk from new users. And it's true that there is a lot of
NAC garbage. But leaving only current citizen's builds extant is not the
way to ensure any sort of permanent landscape or history, not as it has
been before. I don't see anyone maintaining new towns (or cities) in the
future while short term and passing citizenry vaporizes progress. The only
way I can see of preserving a town is to propdump everyone's builds for
them, and THAT will take up server time much more than a filled database

-Sir Chaos

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