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pc hamster

Feb 4, 2002, 1:02am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Well Bowen, you know the first idea I have (ya know the time-floating sky
idea I proposed yesterday), but here are some others.....

1). ADVERTISEMENTS!!!! Now before you all tell me I'm off my rocker, hear
me out on this one, okay??? Okay. Now we all know that Affiliate Programs
don't exactly put food on the table, but what IF we used the proceeds from
there to PAY FOR OUR CITS AND HOMEPAGES instead??? It would be an
alternative to monthly charges and paying several months in advance PLUS all
proceeds received can go towards credit, which would in turn (provided
you've earned enough), PAY FOR your cit and/or Homepage.

The ads can come in the form of banners like you see in AW and can be moved
around to the World Owner's content to avoid construction problems with the
Building Inspector (if for no other reason), but CANNOT be deleted (unless
your world isn't hosted by AW of course! :-))

2). AW-APPROVED BOTS FOR 3D HOMEPAGES!!!! Hey, if AW is going to allow
them to be distributed via at Mart, they should AT LEAST make them available
to 3D Homepage Builders via the object compiler. We should then be able to
configure it simply by right clicking on the bot's avatar. How 'bout it

3). MORE AVATARS!!!! Can't very well host a world without these (well okay
it can be done with just the basics), but in order for us 3D Homepage
Builders to be able to truly CUSTOMIZE our 3D Homepage, we NEED this
functionality. We could also use an AVATAR COMPILER so we can add as many
additional avatars as we want just like adding objects (only the new avar
would naturally appear in the AVATARS pull-down list).

Well, that's about it for now. If I happen to come up with another
brilliant brainstomin' idea, I'll be sure to post it here. In the
meantime......CYA!! :-)

Cheers for now everyone :-)

Patrick Cook
pchamster at
Denver, Colorado

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