Rotation protection (Wishlist)

Rotation protection // Wishlist

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Dec 18, 2001, 6:57pm
CC'd to Roland as well as this newsgroup
Roland, might wanna check the wishlist NG under this thread.

The registry ALREADY contains all 3 values, x,y,z.

As it stands now, the y (or is it z?) value is completely ignored by AW. Why
not have the server substitute the height of the object for the width and
depth to find the maximum potential area covered by a rotation. The same
goes for the other axes to check for encroachment on other rotational axes.
This would only be triggered IF a rotation code exists in the action field.

Because of the significant extra horsepower the server would need, make it
an option through the ini or admin tool or somthing, preferably on a per
world basis.


Dec 18, 2001, 6:59pm
It's Y.. X and Z determine if it encroaches into someone else property :)


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