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James Build 17 // Bots

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Jan 28, 2000, 7:41pm
I would like to introduce James with new features and bug fixes. Below the
URL's there are a list of bug fixes and New/Removed Features.



--Bug Fixes--
-In the JamesBot Chat Screen the BotName information did not show up until
someone entered the world, this has been fixed.

-When you asked james to "stop" he would say "?" this was suppose to be "I
am sorry, but I only understand stop follow", this has been fixed.

--New/Removed Features--
-When the bot logged into the world and presented itself to the world by
saying "Hello I am JamesBot Build 16....." has been removed by requests.

-James now tells the last user who entered his radius.

-The about box was remade, and a new URL is up.

-James now tells when someone is saying it outloud, is a PS, or is
whispering to you.

-Now using the James "say" feature, you can see the text that you type into
the world, sorry this was not implemented before.

-New command called "Whats-New" was added, tells what is in here.

-In the James chat screen you can now clear the chat contents if you need

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