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Re: Plugins, new idea... // Wishlist

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Mar 14, 2001, 5:37am
Not a new idea; check my AW improvements page:

This post should have been in the wishlist newsgroup.

[View Quote] > Well, i was staring off into space at school today when i came up with
> this idea. This is a spin off of plugins for the browser, but what if you
> had plugins stored in your object path? The short story would be, you could
> make your own plugins, to do something. Once you have it done, upload it
> then use it to do stuff... Thats the short end... Heres the long end...
> There would need to be a plugin SDK, and phrasers, ect, for use in the
> browser. But this would open up activeworlds as anything you want it to be.
> Gaming, Drawing, anything! A faw ideas of mine, a /plugins/ folder in the
> root of your op. Plugins.dat for active plugins, mabey in activeworlds a
> "create plugin plugin=blah" type thing. Download on demand of the plugins.
> Tell me what you think :)...

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