distance-limited activation/bumping (Wishlist)

distance-limited activation/bumping // Wishlist

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Feb 26, 2001, 12:25am
Currently objects can be clicked (activated) from up to 120m away (depending on visibility, line-of-sight, and object size). I would like activate and bump options ("distance=n") to force a certain distance an object can be activated/bumped to make it more realistic. So, for example, if I wanted something to be tipoverable (like a construction cone), it could be only be done so within a meter.

activate distance=1
bump distance=1

crazy glue il

Feb 26, 2001, 12:39am
Where does the bump come in>? I mean....bump...you have to TOUCH the object
for it to work, no?

We all have atleast ONE crazything in us >:]
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